Arushi Lohiya
Arushi Lohiya

I am a marketing and HR professional. During my education in the USA, I got my first taste of corporate culture at the early age of 19. I landed myself an internship with a brand that I had only read about in a marketing books, , and I was infatuated.

A Marketing  Affair to Remember

This infatuation with the art of  marketing then progressed into love when I joined ESPN Star Sports channel. Here, I worked on the marketing plans for ICC World Cup, FIFA, Champions League,TNA wrestling and many other renowned properties. My love for marketing got cemented when I entered the glamorous world of the UB Group.

While handling the sports division I worked on consumer activations around the five IPL teams that Kingfisher sponsored, the revamping of the Kingfisher East Bengal football team, the football scene in Goa,


top 3 marathons of the country- Airtel half (Delhi), Standard chartered (Mumbai), TCS (Bangalore) and the entire marketing strategy behind the first ever F1 race in India. I was living my dream, being the youngest in every role, I was on a fast forward path to success but life hit the pause button on me. I was diagnosed with this condition called fibromyalgia.

'Monster F' aka Fibromyalgia Attacks

Medically, fibromyalgia is a chronic widespread pain condition. I call it “Monster F”.(click here to read about the deadly Beast). I've been fighting my battle with it since then. Some days it wins over me but there are days when I win over it too. Fibromyalgia might win the battle but I am sure I will finally win the war. Maybe not right now but soon.. someday we will know what Monster F is afraid of. Until that day I shall continue photosynthesizing with my very own weapons of hope, positivity, ,motivation, courage and a big smile and continue my affair with marketing.