*cough cough*

Recently I was down with a bad case of cold and cough… Congested nose and an annoying cough …that would barely let me speak…. I kept coughing through my calls, meetings etc… During one such call with a colleague cum friend…

Mr S- hello
Me – hi *cough cough*
Mr S- listen that emailer that had to go out……..
Me – *cough cough*
Mr S- arey…you sound horrible… How are you working like this? Kaise karti hai?

That is when it suddenly occurred to Me for “normal people” when you fall ill you are supposed to take time off work…. Back when I was normal, when the fibromyalgia symptoms hadn’t started, I did that so often.

I had a mental laugh at the irony of the situation and responded..

Me: but I am always ill and in pain and discomfort…. unfortunately, the cold n cough is least of my worries …on a scale of 1 to 10… my fibromyalgia symptoms are at a 10 and the cold cough sits at a 4.

Made me think… Like when you successfully handle a very very tough client…. Or crack that interview with the big Fortune 500 company ..every other interview …every other client feels like a piece of cake…

I would be on a year round holiday if I started linking my ability and desire to do my job to the excruciating pain and fatigue I have 24/7 everyday of my life..thanks to the umpteen fibromyalgia symptoms!

Somehow this Monster F has made every other routine medical illnesses like a cold…an allergy…a seasonal flu ..a cut.. a headache..a wound …blah blah blah feel like it’s nothing at all ! 6 years ago I would have definitely taken the day off if I was down with such a terrible cold and cough…. but today no!

It’s all about the way you perceive what’s happening to you or around you.  Stop whatever you are doing, take a minute and relook at any problem you are going through… any obstacle that you are facing… guess what.. you’ve dealt with worse and you’ve come out winning! it will make the current problem seems so minuscule and will give you much more power to fight like a warrior. And If that also doesn’t help ….think that someone somewhere might be dealing with much worse and maybe that gives you the strength to fight.

Everyday …every minute… when I fight with my fibromyalgia symptoms of constant pain in all my muscles, joints etc… I just think there are people out there who have worse Monsters than Monster F haunting them… if they can do it …I ALSO HAVE TO DO IT ….( And no this is not a nike sponsored post ✔)

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