Dear Fibromyalgia Doctors – love, A fibromyalgia patient

It’s 7 a.m. Sunday morning, mom reads the newspaper to me while I’m still trying to get sleep. I haven’t slept a wink the entire night because of excruciating pain courtesy Monster “F” aka fibromyalgia.  I obviously don’t even have the luxury to toss and turn because I can  only lie down on my stomach. The trigger point in my hip prohibits my laying down on my back and sideways, so I lay still and hear her read the news to me.  The newspaper seems to be flooded with advertisements of doctors and their practices on doctor’s day.

Who better to acknowledge and celebrate doctors perticlarly fibromyalgia doctors other than someone who has dealt with 50 + doctors in the past 6 years of battling with fibromyalgia.

Due to the symptoms of this disease fibromyalgia doctors list from orthopedicians to neurologists  to physiotherapists to psychiatrists to rheumatologists to gastroenterologists to pain management doctors to homeopaths to ayurvedics to  acupressurists to acupuncturists to ………you name it and  I’ve seen them all. Yet I am struggling to find more than 2 to 3 Fibromyalgia doctors who I can actually appreciate and mind you this is not based on whether the treatment helped or not because  in fibromyalgia nothing works, this is purely based on the way they treat and interact with the patientents. Forget being a support to someone battling a chronic illness some of these fibromyalgia doctors have actually been instrumental in increasing the agony. Both mental and physical. While some doctors ( who can be counted on fingers) , with their encouragement and positive attitude helped keeping my mental health intact the others inadvertently made it worse. Unfortunately my experiences deter me from going to any fibromyalgia doctors…I’d rather deal with the pain then deal with the agony of visiting a doctor. I wish I had gotten more of the good ones rather than the bad ones 🙁 sighh

One post is not enough  to celebrate these fine people. Some fibromyalgia doctors and my experiences with them deserve individual posts. Over the next few weeks stay tuned for my very own expose into the good, bad and the ugly world of medicine. Don’t worry,  no names included. so rest in peace. 😉

Oh! And by the way Happy Doctors Day.

Happy doctors day


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