Gaga over Gaga

Looks like Lady Gaga is also caught in a “bad romance withMonster F aka Firomyalgia”.

 Rah rah ah-ah-ah! Ro mah ro-mah-mah….Gaga ooh-la-la!

The ‘ultimate Slayer of Dragon F‘ dropped a double edged sword on all fibromyalgia patients.

(1. Monster F got promoted to dragon F and  2. No I did not mean mother of dragons #GOT).

One could not be more elated with the long overdue attention fibromyalgia is getting. From being a perpetual wallflower to the likes of cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons and paralysis, it has finally got the limelight it had been missing. The “Paparazzi” (one of my fav songs) are all over it now. Gaga’s coming out ( and I don’t mean closet) might be a catalyst in finding a solution to fibro. By the way, if you don’t already know,  Morgan Freeman came out of this closet much before Gaga. Yes, he too, could not escape the fangs of Monster F. Seems like Monster F is starstruck”.


Until last week, I had to spell out fibromyalgia for it to register. Today, the whole world seems to know, not only how to pronounce the word but, to my utter surprise, they now know what it means too. Thanks Gaga for singing it out loud to the world.

Can’t read my, Can’t read my

No he can’t read my poker face

Ppppoker face, p p p poker face”

Exactly the face we fibromyalgia patients show to the world around us.


The fibro awareness sure has skyrocketed but as a flip side the perception about fibro’s severity might have plummeted. This is the edge of the sword that might just be hurting other fibromyalgiacs. Gaga’s revelation  perhaps also creates a perception that fibromyalgia might just not be that bad. Well, if Gaga can achieve what she has achieved, can look as she does, perform as she does, wear the kind of heels she does…. then… so can others. We were anyway busy fighting perceptions given the invisible nature of this condition, no thanks Gaga for adding to it. Collateral damage I guess.

Majority, I am sure are unaware of the subjective nature of this condition. Let me try breaking into this unawareness. Two people with fibromyalgia can have completely different symptoms. One can carry out all normal activities, go to office, go to social gatherings but with underlying pain and fatigue. However for the other,  just getting up from the bed, brushing and taking a shower could be an accomplishment. The pain and functionality can vary from 1 to 10 on a scale of 10. For example I am  at a constant 9. I am yet to find someone who literally has a pain in the ass like mine that doesn’t allow me to sit even for a minute. Let’s just hope that her inclusion in the fibro family is the silver lining we all were hoping for. Thanks Gaga for inspiring the likes of us.

Fibro or no fibo.. your songs…your wicked fashion sense….your insane shoes….your everything… has always been music to my ears. I have always been and will always be Gaga over Gaga. And like the lady says…

“Just dance!

Gonna be okay

D-d-d dance, dance, dance, just

J-J-Just dance!”

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