Gossip- The One With A Keen Sense Of Rumor

In a chemistry lab, when you drop a piece of sodium in water you get an explosion.  Yes I had chemistry in school and I am not very proud about the fact. In my defense, I sucked at it big time.I thinkkkk…I just dropped the axe on my own foot-  both my parents are chemical engineers who until very recently had no idea that I left the entire organic chemistry section in my boards..ummm.. maybe a topic for later..Ok no distractions,Let’s get back to our potent reaction. Forget chemistry, let me try being more relatable, think volcano erruption, bomb explosions, or those coke + mentos videos that did the rounds..

…..and now…..

…..brace yourself because we will be talking about something even more potent…


Gossip spreads like Wildfire. They say there is no smoke without fire….but well, when it comes to gossip that has gone from one person ..to the other.. to the third ..blah blah most of the times all you get is smoke without fire.


Before we proceed further, for all those standing on a moral high ground and smirking their noses on the idea of talking about gossip, please get off that high horse. You know it and we know it.

Everyone at some point or the other gossips.

Gossip is not for the meek or timid. It is a very complicated affair that requires immense risk taking ability. And here I don’t know if the risk and reward are at the same level. One step taken wrongly and you could get caught in your own web of gossips.

You find all kinds of people, I have taken the liberty to classify them into 6 types based on their gossiping preferences.

Disclaimer- yeh sabhi vyakti kalpanik nahi Hai, yeh kisi na kisi jaan pehchaan wale se zaroor milte Hai


The ones jinke pait mein koi baat nahi pachti.

Most of the times they mean no bad but because they have heard it, it must be passed on.

‎The ones who hear from here and there and keep it with themselves

and don’t go around broadcasting it. More listeners than vomiters.

‎The ones who do constructive gossip

and just warn each other of the so-called not so good elements in their respective lives.

‎The ones who hear everything, store it in their hard disc and wait for the opportunity to unveil it.

A time when it will cause the most damage to all involved.


‎The ones who sensationalize everything they hear.

Turn a small incident into this mega film story with twist and turns like an Abbas Mastaan plot. If they had their way, they would insert background music to it too.

‎The ones who just refuse to indulge in it

(yet to see a single one of them) Will these Angels please stand up. However not interested one is, when gossip falls in their ears, even the most innocent ones get corrupted.

( If I have left out someone please feel free to add in the comments section)

None of these 6 have it easy. Knowing too little is a problem for some but for some knowing too much is. For some speaking too much is the problem and for some not being able to speak is. However complicated it may be, gossip is omnipresent.

Gossip is the innate human desire to know about what is happening in others lives. However much we try to fool ourselves, in some deep dark corner of our hearts, we all want to know what is happening with the other. Sometimes it is just curiosity, sometimes it is healthy competition, sometimes it is envy, and sometimes it is pure evil.

Before I leave you, I just want to state one obvious fact. Every time you tell someone something and specify it is to be kept between the two of you, that someone ALWAYS has another person who he trusts as much as you trust him 😉 <Devil’s Smile>

You know you love me…Xoxo

And NO this post is not inspied by any recent events 😉


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