Insta everything

instant noodles…instagram…instant coffee…instant delivery…instant food…instatnt everything.  everything Insta. We millennials luckily or unluckily were born in the ’30 minutes warna wapas’ age. Everything is just a click away. Life without #Zomato, #PayTm, #WhatsApp, #Facebook, #Netflix,  (in that order for the Bhukkar me) is lifeless.

Last night when “ Monster F ”  (click to get a glimpse of this beast) was wrecking havoc and not letting me sleep, I decided to distract myself by watching a movie. 10 minutes in, and I was already drooling over the protagonist’s outfits.  Oh ! how I wish I had something similar. What’s the problem… Santa Claus is right here with a bouquet of websites….enter the movie name…. tada.... an item by item breakup of every outfit in the movie. Not only did I find a link to a website that has the exact same dress that I wanted, but the site also comes with a popup window comparing prices on different sites. And wait! It’s my lucky day ..woohoo… it’s on #sale ..well… ok… only 10% off but.. still a sale is a sale.

(Earth calling Mars….To the men from Mars: If you have ever shopped with your wives, mums or gfs you know what the word “sale” does to us…. women from Venus.)

Add to cart… credit card already fed in …address already with them……Oh! wait… a message flashing… “want an overnight delivery?“…. Neki aur pooch pooch. My brain was releasing all sorts of chemicals. I was in some sort of Utopia. who says wishes are not horses….without moving an inch…. just like that…. in the blink of an eye, I got exactly what I wanted.

Coming back to the movie that fueled the #instant purchase, a very random thought process of reminiscing…. reminded me of a certain actor…. one thing led to the other. I had an insta desire to watch this classic…Netflix was right there waiting for me. ( PS we all use Netflix as a standardized term but deep down I am a complete cheapskate, like most Indians, who first checks all free sites… the ones with the horrendous ads and popups.) Arey… a good time to observe 2 minutes silence for the sad demise of torrents… RIP 

Wait what have I started it any good… should I continue writing? Hmm… there is an insta feedback mechanism too :)… its 4 in the morning but my younger brother in the US is the perfect guinea pig…. thank god for the time difference so it takes me two clicks to instantly reach out to him and that too free of cost…muft muft muft.  

Such a mammoth shift in the last decade. Back in the day, when I was studying in the US, making an international call was such a process…. and heavy on the pocket too..not like today’s insta calls.. don’t we all love the tech shift that is happening. This instantness makes everything easy. But sometimes I wonder, are we as a generation doomed because of our need for this instantness?

This need for instant gratification and fulfillment has seeped deep in the layers of our subconscious. No aspect of our lives remains untouched by this. Relationships also fall prey to this instantness. Insta loveinsta breakup..insta friendshipinsta patch up... (PS wait for ittttt….a legendaaary post on ‘so called relationships’ to be penned very soon…#himym).  There is a glitch in the entire input output mechanism… expectations  have skyrocketed….. but the sustaining effort have plummeted. Today’s relationships are quite like the Domino’s Pizza…. if we don’t get exactly what we want…within the desired time…- WAPAS

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