Battling Fibromyalgia, Arushi Points Out The Flip Side Of Lady Gaga’s Documentary About Fibromyalgia

Indian women Blog’s feature on my take on lady gaga’s revelation about Fibromyalgia 

Recently, Lady Gaga came forward and revealed about suffering from ‘Fibromyalgia.’ She took Twitter to apologize for canceling the performance in Brazil because she had to be hospitalized due to severe pain.

Just a few days back, Lady Gaga had also announced her upcoming documentary on Netflix, “Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two,” where she’ll be speaking about her condition in order to create awareness about Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a long-term or chronic disorder. It’s associated with widespread pain in the muscles and bones, areas of tenderness, and general fatigue. According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, an estimated 3% to 6% of the world’s population suffers from the condition which is roughly about 450 million people.

Recently, we got a chance to meet this 28-year-old girl from Jaipur, Arushi Lohiya who too suffers from this condition. In a face-to-face conversation with Arushi, we tried to gain an understanding of how it is to live your life with Fibromyalgia. (Read IWB’s entire interview with Arushi Lohiya here)

Once at the top of her game in Marketing, Arushi had to leave her career midway because she was in severe pain.

Due to lack of awareness, even amongst the doctors, her diagnosis was delayed for 2 and a half years. However, Arushi never gave up hope and started her own executive search and marketing consultancy business from home. Though she’s a successful entrepreneur now, Arushi is an artist by heart. She hasn’t sat for five years now and can only stand for a maximum of half an hour at a stretch, but whenever she’s standing, she creates something.

She has also taken up writing and through her blog, “Photosynthesis,” she wants to take in everything bad that has happened to her and photosynthesize it to create her own Oxygen, her own happiness, just like plants take in CO2 and all other bad elements and photosynthesizes it into Oxygen.

Arushi Lohiya

An optimistic writer, Arushi wants to create awareness about Fibromyalgia so that people can understand how it is to live with the condition, which unfortunately is invisible to people thereby making them either ignorant or unempathetic towards people suffering from the condition. Just like Lady Gaga aims to spread awareness about it through her Netflix documentary, Arushi is focusing on making a difference through her blog.

In one of her posts, she explains Fibromyalgia and termed it as Monster F. In her “Date with Monster F” she explains the condition in a light and comprehensive manner.

“As kids, we were petrified of Monsters that hid under our beds or in our closets. Unlike those Monsters, F is not scared of light. In fact, this sadist has a tendency of crawling its way in broad daylight.. right when the sun is shining bright. The stubborn monster F comes when you least expect it, catches you unaware, and refuses to leave. Even accomplished Ghostbusters aka doctors have no idea- where it came from? How it came? And how the hell will it go.” (Read the entire post here)

Giving a glimpse into how it is to actually deal with the pain, Arushi penned down her thoughts on “Insta Everything,” when Monster F didn’t let her sleep whole night long.

“Last night when ” Monster F ” was wrecking havoc and not letting me sleep, I decided to distract myself by watching a movie. 10 minutes in, and I was already drooling over the protagonist’s outfits.  Oh ! how I wish I had something similar. What’s the problem… Santa Claus is right here with a bouquet of websites….enter the movie name…. tada…. an item by item breakup of every outfit in the movie. Not only did I find a link to a website that has the exact same dress that I wanted, but the site also comes with a popup window comparing prices on different sites. And wait! It’s my lucky day ..woohoo… it’s on #sale ..well… ok… only 10% off but.. still a sale is a sale.”

“…This need for instant gratification and fulfillment has seeped deep in the layers of our subconscious. No aspect of our lives remains untouched by this. Relationships also fall prey to this instantness. #Insta love…#insta breakup… #insta friendship…#insta patch up… (PS wait for ittttt….a legendaaary post on ‘so-called relationships’ to be penned very soon…#himym).  There is a glitch in the entire input-output mechanism… expectations have skyrocketed….. but the sustaining effort has plummeted. Today’s relationships are quite like the Domino’s Pizza…. if we don’t get exactly what we want…within the desired time…- WAPAS,” Arushi concludes her post. (Read the entire post here)

However, in another recent post of her acknowledging Lady Gaga’s revelation of suffering from Fibromyalgia, Arushi has presented her conflicting thoughts. She discusses why Lady Gaga addressing Fibromyalgia might be a good and also not-such-a-good thing.

“Gaga’s coming out ( and I don’t mean closet) might be a catalyst in finding a solution to fibro,” Arushi writes, “Until last week, I had to spell out fibromyalgia for it to register. Today, the whole world seems to know, not only how to pronounce the word but, to my utter surprise, they now know what it means too. Thanks Gaga for singing it out loud to the world.”

However, she also expresses her concern over the flip side of a celebrity like Lady Gaga sharing her struggle with Fibromyalgia and wrote, “The fibro awareness sure has skyrocketed but as a flip side the perception about fibro’s severity might have plummeted. This is the edge of the sword that might just be hurting other fibromyalgiacs. Gaga’s revelation perhaps also creates a perception that fibromyalgia might just not be that bad. Well, if Gaga can achieve what she has achieved, can look as she does, perform as she does, wear the kind of heels she does…. then… so can others. We were anyway busy fighting perceptions given the invisible nature of this condition, no thanks Gaga for adding to it. Collateral damage I guess.” (Click here to read the entire article)

P.S. You can read Arushi’s posts on her blog here or follow her Facebook page, Photosynthesis, here, and help her create awareness about this chronic pain condition.


Source: Jayati Godhawat – IWB Blogger

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