A date with ‘Monster F’ aka fibromyalgia

Today’s story is about this cruel monster called fibromyalgia.

Medically, fibromyalgia a chronic widespread pain condition. I call it “Monster F” ..because that is exactly what it has done to my life. (Click here to get a glimpse of my life before Fibromyalgia). F visited me in 2012 and like a loyal enemy it has stayed with me since then.

Monster F – Fibromyalgia
As kids we were petrified of Monsters that hid under our beds or in our closets. Unlike those Monsters, Fibromyalgia is not scared of light. In fact, this sadist has a tendency of crawling it’s way in broad daylight.. right when the sun is shining bright. The stubborn monster F (Fibromyalgia) comes when you least expect it, catches you unaware and refuses to leave. Even accomplished Ghostbusters aka doctors have no idea- where it came from? how it came? and how the hell will it go.

This deadly fibromyalgia beast comes with the following super powers-

  • It’s immune

-the damn thing is resistant to chemicals which is why no pain killer scares it.

  • It’s weapon is a machine gun

    – full of a salty, lemony and spicy liquid that stings the entire body. It attaks every muscle, nerve and joint causing unbearable ache and burning.

  • It’s perpetually PMSing

    – It varies its intensity every day rather every hour.

  • It has an invisibility cloak

    – making sure others don’t see it and therefore don’t believe in it’s existence.

  • It’s insomniac

    – In fact, its Venom gets even brutal at night making sure one gets no sleep because of its pain.

  • Is lonely

    – It makes sure you suffer with it too! F binds you to your house, limiting your mobility and functionality, so that you are forced to be lonely with it

  • Too demanding

    – Managing and fighting this uncouth beast on a daily basis is both mentally and physically exhausting and draining.

Damn the powers of this Monster F (Fibromyalgia)  just don’t end. And imagine I battle this *** everyday. ( feel free to fill in your own abuse). Some days it wins over me but there are days when I win over it too. F might win the battle but I am sure I will win the war. Maybe not right now but soon.. someday we will know what Monster F ie Fibromyalgia is afraid of. Until that day I shall continue photosynthesisng with my very own weapons of hope, positivity, courage and a big smile 🙂


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