The one with the Hungry cats

I play this silly game called Simon’s Cat…( I am rather addicted to it)… well… it’s just like candy crush but just a lot more cuter…. there are the hungry and grumpy cats ….apparently owned by somebody called Simon.. I’m guessing.. (because in the 350 levels I have played there has been no sign of his existence)…every cat demands a specific colour of food… And you have to join Chains of the similar coloured foods….Three or more to feed them…

Oddly enough or rather pleasantly enough 😉 every time when you are stuck and you can’t seem to find any three of the matching colour…. you feel this game is lost… nothing can be done.. SImon’s cat throws a surprise at you and changes some colours to give you at least 3 in a row…. Right when you are in despair and feel that the battle is lost it gives you a Ray of Hope…a hope to carry on… Isn’t that what life does to!

When things are going from bad to worse… Something somewhere gives you that Ray of Hope to keep fighting and to carry on… All we need to do is keep our eyes open for that something…’Monster F’ beware…I have my eyes open… The game is not over YET!!

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