Working With Fibromyalgia

working with fibromyalgia
working with fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia sucks! getting through basic routine with fibromyalgia is a task in itself and I choose to do a full on 12 hr day working with fibromyalgia. And that too..with my kind of peculiar fibromyalgia which no doctor has heard of.

For those who don’t already know my unique situation.. bear with the boring details for 5 secs…I unfortunately live in  24 *7 excruciating pain in my muscles joints and bones. My fibromyalgia is literally a pain in the ass. I have this nagging pain in my hip which doesn’t allow me to sit AT ALL. Not even for a minute. I can stand BUT my ability to stand comes with an expiration.. Which lasts only 15 to 20 minutes at a stretch….and if all this was not enough, add to it the burning pain in my neck and shoulders that doesn’t allow me to type and use the laptop. I can’t even lie down straight …ONLY on my back… I tie about 10 crapes in my legs all the times… Basically you get the drift…..I can go on and on about the limitations ‘Monster F’ aka fibromyalgia limits me with …

BOOOOORING !!! Let’s f**k the CAN NOTs and look at the CANs. That is exactly what working with fibromyalgia is!

With my marketing and branding background, I work as an independent consultant. Most of my time goes consulting for a digital Marketing and web development company based out of California with an offshore office in New Delhi. For obvious reasons, I work remotely,  from my own sweet bed. All our clients are based out of the USA… so well… only distant meetings… .. works perfectly for me.. We do everything via video calling … Thank god for technology! I can put on my intellectual hat in front of clients and colleagues even though I am lying down in pain. Boooo Monster F ! 

My timings are horrendous… some days I work 10 to 16 hour .. hahaha … Welcome to startup land…. And I work in the night for USA clients and do my Indian consulting in the day…. so well the sleep schedule has gone for a toss and because of it being so erratic I sometimes barely get any sleep….. But guess what fibromyalgia anyway barely lets me sleep …. Monster F makes sure that I get up every few hours in pain and aneed to tie and untie my crepe bandages… so might as well do something productive…. Might as well be working with fibromyalgia! 

Now comes the typing, the emails, making presentations, working with obnoxious Excel sheets full of numbers … Well thank you Technology again! ….I voice type… I send audio recordings …I send my screen recordings with my notes on it…. And I have this person who works with me and types out all my emails and work correspondence. We screen share everyday, my intetn opens up my email and I tell him what to type. Rest of the time I record things that need to be typed and store it to send it to him…. Because I can’t write too much and take notes.. I record my video meetings and then play them back and keep pausing them to record my meeting minutes and notes… Takes double the time… but well…. who said working with fibromyalgia would be easy. And with some miraculous power, I now have ..the memory of a damm elephant. I remember every small little detail without noting it down or typing. ‘Monster F’ unknowingly you’ve  increased my grey matter. 

Working with fibromyalgia is like pulling off a Rohit Shetty stunt… on screen u see the flawless hero being heroic….cars flying on cue ….but so much happens behind the scenes …. Just like that I deal with fibromyalgia behind the scenes…. And when it’s showtime… And the spotlight is shining bright… I bask in that light as if I am just one of them ...A NORMAL PERSON …doing my job… doing exactly the same thing that they do … And at times doing it better than they do. Take that ‘ monster F ‘! Nobody puts baby in the corner 😉

My normal life is not the typical normal life of a twenty something year old girl. But for better or worse at least at this moment… THIS IS MY NORMAL. Every time I tell somebody about working with fibromyalgia….they are surprised.

GUESS WHAT I AM SURPRISED TOO! Amazed at what will and passion can make one do. Mind over body always! This zeal to work…. The zeal to use my skills… Zeal to learn more….the zeal to be the best at what one is doing….

Sometimes, miraculous, it can make you push any sort of boundaries and walls. Someday this zeal to do so much more than life will be a weapon that would actually destroy Monster F.

Have your way ‘Monster F’ your expiry date is round the corner

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